In Defense of the Nook

Last November I was caught up in the e-book movement. After reviewing information about several e-readers, I decided that Barnes & Noble’s Nook was what I was looking for. So I ordered one.

There apparently had been a run on Nooks. They were backlogged, and mine was estimated to ship shortly after the first of the year.

Then I started seeing bad things about the Nook, sinister things. That the

Nook took three seconds to turn a page, slower than its major competitors. That it was necessary to call Support to get  the Nook to work at all, and it took hours to be connected to someone in Support.

I began to wonder what I had done. The Kindle was looking pretty good to me by then.

But my fears turned out to be paper dragons. When the package came, I hurriedly opened it. I pushed the button, and my Nook turned on. Every feature worked as it was supposed to work — Library, Shopping, Settings, everything.  It does take three seconds to turn the page, as one reviewer complained, but it would take me that long to turn the page of a paper book anyway.  And on occasion — not often — it freezes up, but I shut it down and restart it, and that solves the problem.

The Nook

The Nook

I’m not minimizing the negative reviews. I’m sure everyone who had bad experiences was quite irritated by them. The complaint about contacting Support especially makes me shudder. There are a few things I find more fun than calling Support, like sticking a red hot needle in my eye.

But I have a theory: the earliest Nooks, like the earliest of much new technology, may have malfunctioned more often. And most of the reviews I saw were by folks who had gotten the earliest models, at least earlier than mine. I hope by now  Barnes & Noble has gotten the bugs worked out of the device. I’ve read several books on my Nook, and reading them has been a good experience.

Barnes & Noble is not paying me to give their Nook a good review, nor is the company compensating me in any other way;  like everyone else, I paid retail for my Nook. But I was concerned that I was seeing only negative reviews, so I decided to insert a positive one into the mix.

What have been your experiences with e-readers, good or bad? I want to know.

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