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Signing in the Waldenbooks by Parnell Hall

In this video, mystery writer Parnell Hall takes a humorous look at many authors’ worst nightmare: showing up at their book signing, but nobody comes. Diehard writers–and country music fans–can’t help but chuckle.

Visit Parnell Hall’s Website.

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3 thoughts on “Signing in the Waldenbooks by Parnell Hall

  1. A Literary Afternoon at Borders

    My name is announced over the intercom,
    Followed by a press release on Mosaic Moon.
    Shoppers are invited to join me in reading,
    Promising a literary event of magnitude.

    “Sets,” I say to my partner in reading,
    “We will read and give our all
    To an audience of one or a hundred.”

    We settle for one.
    We sit facing three rows of empty chairs
    Except for one in the front row,
    Occupied by an employee of Borders,
    Hoping to be honey to ants.
    Shoppers curiously walk around the edges,
    Sneaking looks at Sets and me.
    “It can’t be good if no one’s there,”
    Can almost be read from their faces.

    Soon hard rock music fills the room,
    Followed by an aria from an opera,
    (Not even my favorite Puccini.)
    Drowning out our voices
    As we read our literary creations.

    Empty chairs, an aria,
    Poetry without rhyme.
    Omar Khayyam, at least
    Had bread and Thou
    Beside him. And lots of wine.

    Sets, the philosopher, states with conviction,
    As I gather unused fountain pens
    And clean white blotters,
    “I learn something from every experience.”
    “Yeah, right Sets,” I mutter,
    “Empty chairs don’t applaud.”

    Frances H Kakugawa
    ( written after a book signing)



  2. ROFL! Well, here’s a guy who knows how to laugh at himself. Hilarious!

    Thanks for the laugh. I will have to remember this when my time comes!


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