Relics of Repentance–The Letters of Pontius Pilate & Claudia Procula, compiled by James F. Forcucci: A Review

Relics of repentance: The letters of Pontius Pilate and Claudia ProculaRelics of repentance: The letters of Pontius Pilate and Claudia Procula by James F. Forcucci

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If you are interested in Biblical history and archeology, you’ll like this little booklet. The story leading up to the Crucifixion of Jesus is well-known, but then the Bible says nothing more about Pontius Pilate and his wife, Claudia Procula.

In Relics of Repentance, Biblical researcher James F. Forcucci tries to shed some light on events that were overshadowed by the formation of the Christian movement.

Relics is built around A Letter From Pontius Pilate’s Wife, translated by journalist Catherine van Dyke and first published in 1929. The letter is said to have been written by Claudia Procula to her friend, Fulvia, several years after the Crucifixion. The letter fills in some blank spots in the lives of Claudia and Pilate both before and after the Crucifixion.

To flesh out the story, editor Forcucci also has culled from various sources several letters purportedly written by Pilate as well as an excerpt from The Gospel of Nicodemus (formerly The Acts of Pilate).

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  1. David,
    It’s nice to see you are still promoting the Claudia material. If you recall, I asked you to send me a statement authorizing me to present the Claudia script to a major television producer. He said I would have to have written permission in order to submit it for his agreed to do so, but I never received it. It’s been some time now and I don’t know if it would be too late but would you consider sending it now, and I would be happy to contact him again in an effort to get your work the recognition it deserves. It’s a beautiful story and I would still like to see Claudia come to life on the screen. I’ve been quite busy writing..just sent an article off to the New York Times and The Press Democrat in Santa Rosa. The article is titled: Third World Country – America? (Don’t know if it will be published or not, but it’s had a good reception in local concerns my opinions about politicians, corporations, and our economy. Will send you and Jim a copy if you’re interested… let me know. As ever, Gladys


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