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My books are available at Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other of your favorite online retailors, and the eBooks are available in most platforms.



“It’s very difficult to portray the brilliant aspects of this book without giving plot spoilers . . . You’re then served a really ambitious, imaginative and original feeling story with some great “did that just happen!” moments.” – Bookstack Reviews.

Wendy knows she’s different from her friends. She longs to fit in, but as hard as she tries, she can’t quite hide her strangeness. What Wendy’s friends don’t know, and what Wendy doesn’t remember, is that she is an android built for companionship by a marooned alien. She had lived for three years in the quiet community of Antelope Valley, Nebraska, until a tragic accident kills her creator and destroys her memory. But Wendy’s struggle for acceptance soon turns deadly when ruthless millionaire UFO hunter Earl Vaughn learns her secret and seeks to cash in on “The Discovery Of The Millennium.

     eBook – $2.99     Trade Paperback – $12.95


The Moaning Rocks“David Kubicek deals with the most profound of emotions, betrayal in a small community, and does so wonderfully.” – Lincoln Journal Star review of BALL OF FIRE.

“My particular favorite involves the threat of nuclear war [PROSPECT STREET] – and one man’s experience of being the last person to flee the town. As his friends and neighbors pack their belongings, this man revisits the memories of his life. It’s quite profound.”- A Novel Idea Bookstore.

Fifteen stories and a parody, which appeared originally in The National Lampoon, ranging from the commonplace to the bizarre, from deadly serious to whimsical. Includes the Pushcart Prize-nominated BALL OF FIRE. Before and after each story is my commentary of how it came to be written.

eBook – $1.99     Trade Paperback – $10.95


These three mini-collections include all of the stories in The Moaning Rocks divided into genres: Elevator (horror and suspense), Prospect Street (science fiction), and Ball of Fire (contemporary stories).

HorrorandSuspense Science FictionContemporaryStories

List Price for each eBook – $0.99


In a desolate future, long after the nuclear war, practicing medicine is illegal. Health care is provided by Healers who treat patients using superstitious methods  like chantiA Friend of the Familyng and bleeding. Hank is a doctor who practices medicine only for himself and his family. His fear of being sent to prison has estranged him from the Underground, the loose network of physicians that tries to help people who have lost faith in the Healers. Then late one evening a 16-year-old girl named Gina knocks on his door. She has a secret of her own and the power to destroy Hank’s life if he doesn’t come with her and make her seriously ill father well. But there is one catch­Gina’s father is the brother of a Healer, who could send Hank to prison for the rest of his life.

Available as an eBook in Prospect Street and 4 Other Science Fiction Stories and in The Moaning Rocks and Other Stories.

Trade Paperback – $6.95



Short bites of holiday history, including the origins of popular Christmas Songs, Banshees and Leprechauns in Irish folklore, the mother of the American Valentine’s Day card, and how candles have been used in rituals around the world and throughout the ages. These essays and stories are available online, and the author has collected them for the first time in book form. The essays and stories about Christmas songs also contain links to performances of the songs.

List Price – FREE       

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