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“It’s very difficult to portray the brilliant aspects of [In Human Form] without giving plot spoilers . . . It’s wonderfully written and the early parts of the book portray the small town atmosphere perfectly.” – bookstackreviews.com. [NOTE: this website is no longer active.]

“David Kubicek deals with the most profound of emotions, betrayal in a small community, and does so wonderfully.”– Lincoln Journal Star, reviewing “Ball of Fire.”

“Local author David Kubicek published this collection of spooky short stories last year. I picked up a copy at the book signing A Novel Idea hosted in the fall. I gradually worked through the stories, having been warned by the author not to read them alone, at night, during a thunderstorm. UFO sightings, human sacrifice, and time travel are only three of fourteen realized concepts. Kubicek has a particular gift for unveiling emotion from a profoundly Nebraskan point-of-view. For example, “Ball of Fire” (a story nominated for the prestigious Pushcart Prize) brings to light the theme of betrayal in a small farming community. My particular favorite involves the threat of nuclear war – and one man’s experience of being the last person to flee the town. As his friends and neighbors pack their belongings, this man revisits the memories of his life. It’s quite profound. Kubicek shares the inspiration and history of each story in humorous author’s notes. The Moaning Rocks is a fantastic book to add to a collection of local work. By turns terrifying and enlightening, any lover of horror or science fiction is sure to find a story to enjoy!” – A Novel Idea Bookstore’s review of The Moaning Rocks and Other Stories.



“Quilt Making Engineer,” published in the March/April 2014 issue of Humanities, the magazine of The National Endowment for the Humanities.

“Day Jobs of Famous Writers: The Work they did Before they were Famous,”published on The Writing Mall.

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